As Time Went On 


from July, 2001 & beyond... =)


One of the most significant changes in my life following the first year of my accident actually has very little to do with my physical condition. Judging by the picture to the right, I'm sure you can figure out that 9/11 had something to do with it. Not only did it terrify me, it made me recall my accident again and how fast life can be taken away. And this caused me to dramatically reconsider my beliefs, values, morals, etc. It would take up way too much room on this page to describe how greatly September 11th influenced and affected the rest of my life, but if you would like a better explanation:


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Here is a follow-up on my "eating/appetite problems" that I mentioned during my description of the first year of my injury:

The eating problems remained for a while, although gradually they did get better and better overall. I went on a couple vacations during the summers of 2002 & 2003 that proved that I still had a pig in me somewhere. =) (I gained a lot of weight back.) And now I find that my appetite can sometimes be closely linked with my emotional state. So basically, if something ever "depresses" me, it is likely that I won't be eating the greatest at that time. But I think I'm okay with the eating thing now overall. I just have my days =)





As you might remember, painting was my last hobby that I attempted. However, once I moved out of that phase, it worked out that I got the chance to try wheelchair bowling. I won't describe everything here because I made a whole separate page (with some pictures) if you want to check it out:

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As for school, I continued at Valencia Community College throughout the rest of 2001 & 2002, only taking a couple classes at a time. This was a time of intense reconsideration of what I wanted. I skipped the spring semester of 2003 @ VCC to try out a bible college. In the fall semester of 2003 until the end of the spring semester of 2004 I attended both schools (but only doing one class at a time at VCC). I think I have finally decided to focus & try to at least get my AA degree at VCC (probably in psychology) and then I hope to go to a different bible college/university to get my bachelors. We'll see what happens. =)












PT (Rhonda) & me:


Just in case you're wondering, I cannot stand on my own... the standing frame completely supports me. =)





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One area I get a lot of questions and comments about concerns my involvement in physical therapy and how I am progressing or "regaining movement." I had so much PT & OT directly after my accident until Medicaid finally had to stop paying because of a "lack of progress." It has been over 4 years since the accident now & I still can't move much of anything below my shoulders. In fact, my left arm is the only place I have regained any movement (around 2002 it started getting stronger). I'm not complaining because that's more than I was even expecting. =)

So since 2003 I started to, once again, have a little bit of therapy (1-2 hours practically every week). I haven't really regained any more movement back since 2002, but at least I am maintaining. And I also get in the standing frame (top left picture) to help fight osteoporosis. 







As for an update on my health and all those visits to the doctors I mentioned during my first year... It seems like I am still at the doctors much more than I wish I had to be. The number one problem is still bladder infections, but through time I get to add more problems to my list. Ingrown toenails (& even 1 fingernail) were a constant annoyance no matter how many times I went to the docs to get them cut back. Finally I got the 3 annoying ones permanently removed. =) And besides that, I'm dealing with scoliosis, atrophy, muscle tightness, shoulder pain, and "mystery dysreflexia" sometimes quite frequently that I can never figure out. But at least I'm not REALLY feeling most of this fun stuff. =)




My main "personal care attendant" above with my doggie Nugget.

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 Another thing that changed for me around 2003 was the amount of home health care service I was receiving. When I first returned from rehab, I had 1 nurse that came a couple hours a week, but that stopped for a while (and my parents did everything). Then in 2003 (after turning 21 & becoming eligible) I finally got the Medicaid Waiver & now I have more nurses & personal care attendants to help with everything including washing, getting into chair, going to bed, etc. I think it has helped give my parents a break from doing EVERYTHING. =) 


And besides all of this, MUCH more has gone on throughout the past few years. I probably won't be adding anymore to this page since it is quite long enough. I have a few other updates and pictures from different vacations, my 21st birthday, and other interesting/random occasions I am still working on putting all together. Click here to return to previous page and read random updates & check out some more pictures. =)


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