New Life  


This page is dedicated to the many different things that have gone on in my life since my accident. 


Below you can find lots of information about how life was during the first year after my accident, how things progressed from there, random update pages, and some pictures. 

I know reading about my life is not the most amazing thing in the world (and I'm not trying to say it is), but it's just a look at the life of ONE quadriplegic to see how life can go on. I'm just one person, but I know there are MANY more very similar to myself.


First off, here is some information about some of the stuff that I encountered during the first year of my injury:

First Year



After reading about some of the things I experienced during the first year, you might be curious to find out how some things turned out during the next few years. Click below to find out how things progressed past the first year:

As Time Went On



So, if you have already read about my "first year" and how some things have been "as time went on," you know the basics of my life now -- especially concerning my disability. 

The following section on this page just has some random updates on various events/occasions/etc. I might add to this section as more interesting things take place, but probably not much or often (obviously I haven't even finished the pages listed below yet).


*sorry, this section is still under construction*


       Book & Magazine --    2002 & 2003

             Joni & RSJ        -- July/Sept, 2003

         4th anniversary   --  July 4th, 2004


But there are pictures below... =)




Click the camera for some pictures:




And basically this is the end of the main portion of my web site (there is still a "joke section" that is mostly unrelated to my injury, but as for "my story" this is about all I'll ever write on here).


that's about it  =)




Don't forget the jokes, and pictures :)

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