My Accident (pg.  4)


Let me discuss the final stage: Acceptance. I distinctly remember the day things started turning around for me. It was shortly after the second month of my injury and I was once again crying thinking about what my life had become. Only this time I started feeling something different. I was just SOOO sick of crying about everything. I think this is where it finally clicked... There was no changing what happened so I might as well pick up whatever pieces I can and move on. It seems like such a simple concept, but once I was finally able to apply to my life things got MUCH better for me emotionally.

Since then things have been really great. I also think it did me a lot of good to come home. Three months in a hospital is way too long (although I shouldn't talk because many have to stay longer). It was good when I needed it though. Although I'll always miss the way things were, I take comfort in knowing I had a lot of fun while I had the chance. More than anything, I'm thankful I still have many more fun times to look forward to. If I ever get down I just think of how close I came to never getting a chance to live again. I'm SOOO thankful I didn't drown in that lake!!! I figure there must be some reason why I'm still hanging around :)

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Thanks for taking the time to read this. And I send an extra special thanks to all those who have helped me through my hard times. Where would I be without you? :-)


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