My past


I was born & raised in Florida, and I've definitely grown to love the hot weather and beaches. I'm not going to go into my early childhood here, but below are few facts about me in my teen years (pictures at bottom):

When I was 13 I learned to play guitar.  It ended up being my most favorite hobby.  I wasn't much of a singer, but I loved putting my feelings into music.


I also enjoyed juggling.  I got up to four balls & attempted juggling pins.  I basically loved the challenge.


aid down 5 When I turned 16 I got a job at Subway.  I worked there a little over two years & enjoyed being a "sandwich artist."



My main interest in high school was JROTC.  I took all four years and was a member of the Drill Team & Colorguard.  I learned and grew so much in that program.  Some of my most unforgettable memories were created there.  


A couple other things I enjoyed doing were running and attempting to surf.  I wasn't great or anything, but it was a fun way to pass time.


Here are some pictures from my past...


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