First Year Pix


I am not 100 percent certain that all of these were definitely taken between July 2000 and July of 2001, but I am MOSTLY sure... And either way, it is a close enough estimate. =)

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goofy me...


below: my high school psychology teacher (Mr. Harsh) & me...


rehab-above: Kathy (blue) and Cynthia (White)


Me & more therapists at Shepherd (above)


Above and below is my best friend Lana & me

my friend JP and I were electrocuting our faces :)



(above left = me hanging from hoyer lift)... (above right = torture bike [hehe, j/j... kinda)


(above left = my brother & me)... (above right = FL rehab)        


That's about all for the first year. I really didn't take that many pictures at first unfortunately, but it probably didn't help that I didn't even have a camera. Most of what you see here was taken by someone else. 

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