Cruise 2003 Pictures

Here are some pictures from my cruise to the Bahamas. It was lots of fun... and definitely LOTS of food =) Sorry some of the pictures are kinda dark (and huge). Between the camera and the lighting, sometimes the pictures didn't come out that great. Here they are anyway:

^^ just me ^^


(above = leaving Port Canaveral)

(above left = Atlantis from ship)     (above right = Atlantis from Atlantis)

(lots of fish pictures now :)

(above & below = me & my dad)

(above = I'm just at different parts of the "Disney Island")

(above left = me in the empty hallway of shops)      (above right = me by some sign)

(above = our room... lazy person on bed :)

(above = outside one of the restaurants)

(above = my waiters saying goodbye on last day)

that is all   :-D